Desmos in Elementary!

If you are an elementary teacher, the tool Desmos Activity Builder might be new to you. While I see most current activities for middle and high school, don't let this deter you from giving it a try! There are some interesting and powerful ways to leverage this digital activity builder for you classroom. I've started making a few activities myself!

Some of the best things about Desmos is that you can use it on any device, it's free, the teacher dashboard/controls are awesome, and the activities you can build let you see student thinking in the moment! (Check out my blog post about 9 criteria to see how I judge formative assessment tech tools.)

I made a few screencast videos to help you get started and get some ideas of how you might use this in your K-5 classroom:

Getting started and adding card sorts to your activity options:

Adding a card sort to your activity:

Teacher Dashboard and Controls:

The power of sketch and sketch overlay:


  1. These are awesome!! Thanks SO much for sharing your work!

  2. HI, I love this resource. Are card sorts no longer available? I followed your directions, but "Card Sort" was not an option to check. I would love any suggestions to remedy this problem. Thanks!

    1. I didn't watch the screencasts in the post but I'm guessing the interface changed since they were made? I use the card sort feature in Desmos a lot - it still exists! - if you're logged in at then on the left you should see "custom" under "your activities" - then you can click "New Activity" and you should see "card sort" toward the bottom of the options to use. Also, here's Desmos' tutorial page on creating activities: You might find other tips there!


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