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Seeing Math Everywhere!

Math is everywhere! As a math teacher, I feel like I'm thinking about math often. But there are some latest inspirations that keeps math on my mind ALL THE TIME. I see math in almost everything I do! My first example of inspiration is " Math Photo Challenge ," a summer photo taking challenge for math-minded Twitter peeps (not on Twitter? check out the website ). Each week there is a different theme/challenge. It's a great way to see the math in your everyday life. The collection of pictures from everyone is also great images to use in your classroom in the fall. You can show pictures and ask your students what they notice/wonder. Or you can use pictures for specific standards and ask students what problems they can come up with that match the image. I'm even thinking about how I can have my students use their iPads to take pictures with a different theme each week so they are inspired to see math everywhere just like I have been! Here are a few examp

When to talk, when to listen

I woke up Tuesday morning and held my newest baby, Dean. I checked my phone, as I often do in the morning and looked at Twitter. A few people were sharing how upset they were and including the hashtag #AltonSterling. Another black man shot and killed by a white police officer . The fact that I just started that previous sentence with the word "another" speaks for itself. How are these occurrences becoming so common place? Yesterday I woke up, similar to Tuesday, and somehow there is ANOTHER story of a black man being shot and killed by police  (#PhilandoCastile). I sat staring at my phone for a while. I wanted to tweet and express my outrage. I wanted to convey how upset this made me. Here I am with a white husband that can go to work this morning with little no worry that he will be shot by police. I have a white son that, because of his skin color, is afforded a privilege that he did nothing to earn .  Today I woke up reading articles and comments in response t