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Stay Strong...

Sorry, blog... I've been neglecting you. I blame the end of the year cleaning, field trips, park days, weird schedules, wrapping up activities, grades due, my kiddo still not sleeping through the night, and a little lack of motivation. I promise to be back to blogging soon!

Great Test Takers

We are raising a generation of great test takers. It makes me sad. My students are sitting here, silently working on the PARCC exam. They are compliant and handling it really well. Too well, in my opinion. My students are used to this and it makes my stomach hurt.

iEngage Berwyn

Today I presented at a conference focused on educational technology. My presentation was about using blogs in the middle school math classroom. Thanks to the great participants that came to my session! As promised, here are my presentation slides ! Also, here are some of the resources that I mentioned during the presentation: — Desmos - https:// — Which One Doesn’t Belong http:// — Visual Patterns http:// — Would You Rather https:// — Estimation 180 http://www.estimation180. com — Active Prompt http :// — Math Twitter Blogosphere (# MTBoS ) Smarter than the Calculator