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Taking Stock

I'm writing this post with one hand while I hold my baby with the other.  I needed to get back to blogging, but it's tricky to type with one hand.  So when I came across this idea , I thought it could be a perfect format for today. Making: birth announcements for Natalie Cooking: I made Pesto Chicken Paninis last night for dinner Drinking: Wine! Finally, I can have a glass with dinner again :) Reading: I want to start Emily Giffin's new book The One and Only Wanting: To write a blog post (I will soon) about my thoughts on personalized learning in response to this by Dan Meyer Planning: My presentation for the ICTM conference in October Playing: Pandora on my iPhone through my new Jambox (birthday present from my husband) Eating: Salted Caramel Ice Cream at a local ice cream place in our new town: Every Day's a Sundae   Wishing: I had more time to blog Enjoying: Time at home with my baby Waiting: Until Natalie takes a nap so I can take a shower Liking: thi

Cutie π

She's here!  A few weeks early but it was nice of her to wait until the day after my 8th graders graduate.  Can you imagine if my water broke at the graduation ceremony?! Cutie π So I got to finish the school year with my students but there were a few days left of school that I was supposed to use for scheduling for next year and cleaning my classroom.  This baby is teaching me a lesson in flexibility because I couldn't organize my classroom like I wanted.  I had to ask some teacher friends to pack up my (messy!) desk and other random items in my room including an open bag of pretzels in my desk (embarrassing!) Despite the change in plans for the end of the school year, it's all worth it because little Natalie Anne is healthy and happy.  My 8th graders were convinced that she would be born knowing all the algebra that we learned this year.  I haven't seen evidence of her combining like terms or solving equations yet, but then again most of our day is filled wit