Valentine's Day: I Heart Math

If you teach middle school, brace yourself for the craziness that is Valentine's Day celebrated at school tomorrow! Heart shaped suckers, teddy bears, chocolate, and a few (hopefully minimal) tears.

Instead of fighting it, embrace the mathiness that can be squeezed out of this heart-filled holiday!

Here are a few resources to use:

1. Send a Math-o-Gram.
Love math? Love Desmos? You can send your students (or friends) a heart themed graph!

2. Make a Mathy Valentine
Use transformations to rotate your way to your students' hearts.

3. Check out these other heart-shaped graphing activities
I found these NCTM Illuuminations graphing actives a few years ago.

4. Graph this equation in Desmos:

(this was a fun one for my 6th graders... just to figure out how to type in the correct symbols!)

5. Mobius Strip Hearts?! Yes!

Happy Valentine's Day! <3


More Valentine's Day Activities Added:

Early Childhood Ideas: Spark a Love of Symmetry

STEAM Activity: Balancing Heart


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