Welcome 2017!

Many people are glad to see 2016 go, and while I agree there were some difficult things about the past year, there were also some really great things. My son was born, I started a new role as instructional coach, and I became an ICTM board member! That being said, I do like the new year because it is a time to reflect and set some goals for the upcoming year. So, welcome 2017, the 306th prime number!

When you have little kids, the party peaks at about 6pm. In fact, this year the kids all had pretty bad colds. So, I wiped everyone's noses, got out our "party" decorations and gathered the fam for a group selfie. My 2-year old was into it for about 5 minutes and then declared, "party over." :)

Here's to a great 2017! I hope you find happiness and success both professionally and personally in the new year!


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