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Hey, Annie, where have you been?

I do have a pretty decent (in my opinion) excuse for my lack of blogging lately. I had my second kiddo, Dean, on May 22nd. For some reason my kids like to be born about two weeks earlier than their due dates. So, although I wasn't due until June 6th, I decided to start my maternity leave on May 17th because I was starting to feel uncomfortable, it was difficult to get around, and I just had a feeling that my kid was going to be born soon. And, call me crazy, but I didn't want my 6th graders remembering me as the teacher whose water broke at school!

My maternity leave will continue throughout the summer and for the first 10-ish weeks of school. I'll be back in action late October. Until then, I do hope to keep up with blogging. It's been tough the past few weeks, but I do have some ideas that I want to write about. I have been able to keep up with Twitter because it's easy to scroll through on my phone during a 3AM nursing session. There are quite a few of my tweeps having babies lately. Check out #babiesofMTBoS for some cute baby pics!


  1. Congratulations! Relax (if that's possible) and enjoy that sweet new baby.

  2. Congratulations on adorable baby Dean! I worked right up until being in labor with both kids, but I lived in fear of my water breaking in front of a room full of 9th graders! Didn't happen :) Enjoy the time.


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