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Getting Students to Improve their Blog Posts

My students have been blogging for a few months now and it's going great!  I highly recommend it as a reflection tool.

I've tried to comment on each student's blog at least twice and I encourage the students to comment on each other's blogs.  When I'm looking at the blogs I do notice the difference in detail, explanations, and understanding that each student writes.  I wanted a way to showcase the students that are doing great math, writing interesting reflections, or just have something about their blog that stands out among the rest.  I decided to try a "Weekly Blog Hall of Fame" where I provide links to the posts that caught my eye so that the students can check them out.  Hopefully, by seeing these examples, it will help everyone step up their game with their own blogs.

Here are last week's picks:

Last Week's Blog Hall of Fame
These students did some great math! http://kea…

2πr Increasing

Here's the pic from last week (32 weeks).  I still have super swollen feet, so I'm limited to 3 pairs of shoes that fit… it is making it tough to get around the classroom, but the kids have been great and really sweet.  I asked a girl to get me my water bottle off my desk and bring it to me and she almost ran to get it!

When I wore this same shirt in the picture to school my students said I looked like eos lip balm!  Ha ha, I kind of do see the resemblance!

32 weeks pregnant = eos Lip Balm?

Student Made "How To" Videos

It's no secret that one of the ways to get better at something is to teach it!  Being able to analyze how something is done, organize your thoughts, and present it to others can be a powerful learning tool.  I wanted my students to have this experience in math class.  We are learning about using substitution to solve systems of equations.  I gave students a choice of which problem they wanted to explain.  They then made a "how to" video and I taught them how to embed their video on their math blog.

Check out these examples of student's videos!
Daisy B
Kyra R

2πr Increasing

30 weeks and I'm getting lots of kicks from Baby Girl!  I also have pretty swollen feet so I only have about 3 pairs of shoes that fit.  My students are being so nice and encouraging me to put my feet up… but that doesn't work too well when you are a teacher!  My best classroom management tip is proximity, so walking around is key.  I'll just have to make sure I can rest a bit on the weekends. :)

30 weeks (pic taken in the nursery)

April Desktop Background

Here is the desktop background I'm using this month… super cute and Springy! :)