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A Math Teacher's Response to a Popular Story Shared on Facebook

I've seen this story from Yahoo! shared a few times on Facebook.  Usually when I see things on Facebook that I either disagree with or have a different opinion, I can just think, "Hmmm, that's not what I believe but it's okay, everyone is entitled to their own opinion."  This article, however, I was not able to shrug off so easily.  My poor husband has gotten an earful the past two nights as I've outlined my objections (he agrees with me) and contemplated what I would write in my blog post.

The article was written about a father's response on his child's homework.  I guess the father shared this on Facebook and got tons of shares and likes.  Here is what he wrote on the assignment:

Here are my thoughts...
Dear Frustrated Parent,
1. Why are you, as a parent, writing on your child's homework assignment?  To be funny?  To have something to post on Facebook?  How selfish.  Now you child has to go to school and turn this in to their teacher while not h…

2πr Increasing

Week 27:

Feeling pretty good!  Third trimester is just around the corner… people are already asking me when I'm due and looking surprised that I'm not delivering tomorrow!

Sorry for the glare in this photo… I had to move the full length mirror because the nursery is next to be painted.  This was taken in the 3rd bedroom that we painted a color called "Aqua Smoke" by Behr.  It looks pretty in the daylight… but I took this picture when it was still dark out this morning.  I found the color inspiration here:

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day everyone!  I hope you are finding a way to celebrate the day.  If you need some ideas, check out my page called "I love Pi!"

Here are some pictures from my day so far:

Math is NOT Just For Nerds

This article, by Jo Boaler, for The Atlantic really struck a chord with me.  It makes a strong case for why changes to how we teach math need to be made.

In particular, this quote spoke to me:

"In mathematics education we suffer from the widespread, distinctly American idea that only some people can be “math people.” This idea has been disprovedby scientific research showing the incredible potential of the brain to grow and adapt. But the idea that math is hard, uninteresting, and accessible only to “nerds” persists."

The article does not claim that the Common Core State Standards are perfect, but it does discuss what is good about them and how they may help math education in America.  It's a good read for all educators… not just math teachers!

2πr Increasing

Week 26!  My new location for bump pics is in my new house… you can see that the floor is covered in paper in preparation for painting.  This will be the future nursery for baby girl!
According to the baby is the size of a head of lettuce! :)

2πr Increasing

Here is last week's bump pic for 25 weeks!

In other life news… the hubby and I moved from our 1-bedroom condo in the city to a house in the suburbs.  After 12 years of city living, it is going to take a little while to adjust to the new pace of life.  For one thing, it is so much quieter in the suburbs!  On the bright side, parking at Target is way easier as I discovered on my first Target run this weekend. :)

March Desktop Background

Here is the desktop background I am using this month!

Find it here!

Pi Day is Almost Here!

Consider celebrating Pi Day in your classroom… math holidays don't come around too often so we need to take advantage!

Check out my "I Love Pi" Page for some ideas for lessons, games, and celebrations for PI DAY!