Going Viral

Back on July 6th, Dan Meyer (@ddmeyer) tweeted about three slides from my most recent professional development workshop that I developed for my district. You can find the presentation here. [[I plan to blog soon explaining a bit more about those slides.]]

Well, I hadn't looked at my phone in a few hours, and when I did I noticed a TON of Twitter notifications on my phone. I was thinking, "what is going on?!"

I mean, Dan Meyer only has 38.6 K followers (by the way, for comparison, I have 192). So, when he tweets something, people see it! And, it turns out those slides struck a chord with some Tweeps because people were retweeting like crazy*. And favoriting. And then they were following me. 

It was quite a storm of activity for a while there. Also, a few people were commenting on the slides, and I wanted to reply thoughtfully. Then, I had a scary thought... so far the comments/favorites/retweets were positive. But what if someone disagrees or doesn't like a comment, or thinks I don't know what I'm talking about (or, what if, ~gulp~, I don't know what I'm talking about?!).

I guess that's the thing about social media. It is an amazing resource, it can be informative, funny, helpful, and positive. But, there is also potential for it to move quickly in a more negative direction. When we put something out there on a blog or Twitter, it is out there for everyone to see-- and not everyone will like it. Luckily, my experience was a positive one and hopefully, if anything like that happens again, it will be positive as well.

For now, I'm enjoying my 15 minutes of #MTBoS fame! :)

[[*I realize that 63 retweets isn't exactly "viral."]]


  1. omg 63 retweets is viral to me, girl! so awesome! :-)

  2. This is AWESOME! You are a math superstar!

    1. Ha ha, thanks, Jordan... that might be going a bit far, but I appreciate it! ;)


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