Professional Development: Replacing Tricks with Understanding

Inspired by the article, "13 Rules That Expire" and "Nix The Tricks" I designed and presented a professional development workshop for some of the teachers in my district today.

If you are interested, here is the link to the presentation.

I was a little nervous about presenting this time. Ten teachers took the time to come to school this morning to engage in some great discussion and math. To go to PD after school is one thing, but to come during the summer months? That takes dedication! I wanted the presentation to be helpful and people to walk away saying, "Okay, that was worth waking up for this morning!"

Overall, I felt the PD went well! The conversations were thoughtful and thought-provoking. I was asking teachers to examine how they were teaching math in their classrooms, and teachers were willing to put themselves out there and ask tough questions. I also asked participants to engage in some non-routine math tasks and everyone did it! I even overheard someone say, "Wow, my brain hurts!" Success!!


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