Questions I'm Thinking About

I'm starting to think about my presentation for the ICTM conference in October.  My topic is about how teachers' use of "tricks" has changed since Common Core.

"Tricks" would be things like "FOIL," "PEMDAS," "flip the second and multiply," "cross multiplication,"  "add a zero" when multiplying by 10, "two negatives make a positive," key words, etc…

Here are some questions that I posed to some of the math teachers in my district:

1. What trick(s) did you learn as a student or previously teach that you don't now?
2. Why did you abandon this(these) trick(s)?
3. What trick(s) do you still use in your teaching?
4. What makes this(these) trick(s) helpful or useful to your students?

I'm interested to hear their responses.  I want to be able to include some of their thoughts in my workshop.  I also plan to refer to "Nix the Tricks," which I wrote about a few months ago.

I also want to present some resources.  I'll probably do a "Get it Together" Activity as those go over well with groups when I present.  I'm also thinking about doing a Math Talk.

Finally, I want to sneak some of my regular stuff in there about equity, SEL, and cooperative learning because those go with any topic, right? :)


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