Get It Together

I thought I would share another resource that I love and use often (probably at least 2 times a month).  It's called "Get It Together" by Tim Erickson.  This book is full of activities for students to work on in small groups.  I have students work in groups of four.  The activities have clue cards and the students need to work together using the clues to come up with the answer.
Each student gets at least 1 clue that they are responsible for reading to the group and making sure is true for their final answer.
When students think they have the answer, they all must raise their hands for me to come to the group.  They also must all raise their hands if they have a question.  This keeps them accountable to each other and makes sure all of the students agree on their question or answer.

Has anyone else tried these activities in your classroom?  Do you like them too?


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