Saturday, April 26, 2014

2πr Increasing

Here's the pic from last week (32 weeks).  I still have super swollen feet, so I'm limited to 3 pairs of shoes that fit… it is making it tough to get around the classroom, but the kids have been great and really sweet.  I asked a girl to get me my water bottle off my desk and bring it to me and she almost ran to get it!

When I wore this same shirt in the picture to school my students said I looked like eos lip balm!  Ha ha, I kind of do see the resemblance!

32 weeks pregnant = eos Lip Balm?


  1. how I miss middle school. kids are funny! :-)
    Getting closer...super exciting!

    1. I know, they say the funniest things… although I bet those kiddos in K-5 say some pretty cute things too! :)