Student Made "How To" Videos

It's no secret that one of the ways to get better at something is to teach it!  Being able to analyze how something is done, organize your thoughts, and present it to others can be a powerful learning tool.  I wanted my students to have this experience in math class.  We are learning about using substitution to solve systems of equations.  I gave students a choice of which problem they wanted to explain.  They then made a "how to" video and I taught them how to embed their video on their math blog.

Check out these examples of student's videos!
Daisy B
Kyra R


  1. Annie,
    The math videos are great! And then, I read Daisy's weekly math reflection....such a great way for them to self-evaluate! Love it!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I've been really happy with how well their math blogs are going. I'm definitely going to do it next school year too!


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