Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

I love to celebrate wacky holiday is my classroom.  However, today's holiday isn't so wacky.  Today is "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day."  This one is close to my heart because I have a BS in Civil Engineering.  I actually worked for 2 years as an environmental engineer before deciding to go to grad school to become a teacher!

Me at a Hazardous Materials Training back in the day. :)

Middle school is an especially important time to encourage girls to appreciate their successes in math and science.  There is still quite a discrepancy between the numbers of men and women going into the field of engineering.

Today, my warm-up (bell ringer) is going to be to have students explore some links about engineering... both boys and girls.
10 Reasons to Love Engineering
Engineering Careers

But I do plan to especially make sure I have a little 1:1 moment with girls that I think would make great engineers!


  1. Great look! Do you still have that outfit?

    1. Sadly, I just borrowed it for the day. I do still have my hard hat! :)


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