My Favorite Friday: Wacky Holidays

This post is a little more about being silly than math.  However, as a middle school math teacher, you need to realize the power of being a little silly sometimes!

Did you know that everyday there are crazy, silly, or wacky "holidays?"  For example, November 14th is National Pickle Day.  Yep, it's a thing- google it!

I have been posting a wacky holiday in my classroom each day.  The students love seeing what it is each day.  Sometimes it is an awareness about an important issue and sometimes it's just silly.  They can be great for a laugh or even a deeper conversation.   For example, "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day" on February 21st gives me a chance to talk with some of my female students about a career they may not have considered.

This practice also adds a little something fun that creates a community in your classroom-- something I argue will lead to better success when it comes to the content.

To find these crazy holidays check out: Days of the Year or Brownie Locks


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