2013 Highlights

So much happened this year... both in my "real life" and my teaching life!

1.  I became an aunt for the first time when my sister and brother-in-law had their cute baby girl, Emma.

2.  I decided to switch from teaching 6th grade (which I had done for 6 years) at Heritage Middle School, to teach 8th grade at Freedom Middle School.  I also had to say good-bye to my team, most of whom I had been teaching with for years.

3.  My new school is in the same district, but I still had to pack up 6 years worth of stuff and unpack in a new room.  Plus I had to learn a new school, new teachers, new kids.  Luckily everyone has been friendly and welcoming!

4.  I got married!  (and had to get used to being called Mrs. Forest by my students!)

5.  I convinced my grade level partner to try Standards Based Grading with me... it's been even better than I expected.

6.  My best friend, Jill, moved to Germany.  I miss her!

7.  I presented at the ICTM Conference in Peoria, Illinois.  I really love presenting to teachers and hope to do more in 2014.

8.  I started blogging!  So far, it's been fun.  Here are my two most popular posts:
1 + 1 = 3 (How to tell your students that you are pregnant)
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9.  I found out I'm pregnant with my first baby... due June 16, 2014.

2013 was a great year!  I feel so lucky to have so many blessings in my life.  I'm looking forward to what will come in 2014.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!