Standards Based Grading- Year 1

So, I decided to try something new this year... standards based grading!  I'm lucky to be working with a enthusiastic 2nd year teacher that is willing to try all of my crazy ideas.

So far so good with SBG.  I plan to post more about how it's going, so check back to see how this year progresses.

For now, here is how I started the year... with a letter home to parents explaining how the system was going to work.   Here it is:

Standards Based Grading is a grading practice that involves measuring student’s proficiency on well-defined course objectives.  It allows for students to have formative control of their own progress (and grade).  It also encourages the teacher to give timely feedback and adjust instruction to the needs of students. 

Students will be graded on the standards for a unit (usually 5-12 standards) using the rubric below.  Grades should be thought of as written in “pencil” instead of “ink.”  This means that grades can be reassessed for each standard several times during the unit.  If a student shows a partial understanding (“6”) but later shows a thorough understanding, the grade will be updated to reflect that and will be changed to a “10.” Teachers will give multiple opportunities for reassessment and students are encouraged to initiate a reassessment when they feel their understanding has improved.

Demonstrates thorough understanding of the standard
Demonstrates understanding of the standard
Demonstrates a developing understanding of the standard
Demonstrates a partial understanding of the standard
Demonstrates minimal understanding of the standard

*A score of “10” indicates a thorough understanding of the standard and is not intended to signify perfection.

When feedback is given to students it will sometimes be color coded to show students their level of understanding of the standard.  The colors are: green=understanding of the standard, yellow=partial or developing understanding, and red=minimal understanding.

We have an expectation that students will complete assigned homework and failure to do so could result in disciplinary interventions. Research consistently indicates that students benefit from feedback through practice and reinforcement of a standard.  

Extra Help:
Mrs. Forest has office hours each week to provide extra help or give students an opportunity to take a reassessment on a standard.  


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