STEM Themed Toys, Gifts, and Prizes

My district hosts a student-centered conference called SIT (Students Involved with Technology). It's a great event where students present their knowledge of tech to other students. It's held on a Saturday and open to kids in grades 3-12. There are students from our district and also kids from surrounding areas. There is even a kid keynote!

Generally our biggest issue is kids running in the hallways... because they are so excited to get to the next session!

The adults just help kids get set up and are there to supervise, but it's the students that present and learn from each other!

Each year we cap off the day with raffle prizes. This year I was asked to make an Amazon wish-list of prize ideas. So, basically, I got to shop for $900 worth of fun stuff! I tried to get prizes that would appeal to kids that range from 8 years old to seniors in high school. I also put some artsy stuff on there, some coding stuff, books, toys, and t-shirts.

Who do you think is more excited about these prizes? Me or this kiddo? lol

After taking the time to make the list, I realized that it might be helpful to others looking for STEM-y toys, gifts, or prizes. These might make nice ideas for birthday presents you have to buy or maybe even for school related STEM events. Either way, I wanted to share some of the fun finds I found! Most things are under $30 with the most expensive still under $100. Our conference is on Saturday, so I'll let you know which of these prizes were the biggest hit!

I can tell you that I have bought a few for family members last Christmas. I got the drone for my brother-in-law and my dad. You are never too old for a fun toy on Christmas, right?! I also got the gold bluetooth speaker and the selfie ring light for a 16 year old in my family. They were both a big hit. I bought the Bit Coding Ozobot for an 8 year old and he loved it! Finally, I personally have the Blokus game and it has always gone over well with my middle school students and even my family likes to play it. For the items that I didn't have personal experience with myself, I spent some time looking at the reviews on Amazon and tried to pick things that had overall positive reviews.

So here's links to everything on my list! Hope it is helpful as you shop for STEM-y toys and gifts:


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