What is the answer?

The Hows:
How do we fix math education?
How do we address issues of equity and access?
How do we improve test scores?
How do we choose curriculum materials that encourage inquiry, exploration, problem solving, and application?
How do we improve number sense?
How do we make math fun, relevant, engaging, and meaningful to students?
How do I set up positive norms in math class?
How do I address math anxiety of my students? parents? other teachers?

The Whats:
What is the best curriculum?
What interventions are best?
What approach is better?
What is the purpose of math education?
What are we doing wrong (or right!)?
What will get us the biggest improvement the fastest?
What do teachers need to improve their teaching?
What do students need to improve their learning?

These are just some of the questions I think about, am asked, or read about daily. Daily! The longer I'm in education, the longer my answers to these questions become. I see peoples' eyes glaze over as I try to explain how there isn't just one factor that plays into any of these complex questions. I know, it would be so much easier if I could name a curriculum, program, app, webinar, keynote speaker, blog, or website that contained the answer. 

I'm still hopeful that there are answers. It's just not a quick fix.


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