1 Second Everyday

My new app obsession is 1 Second Everyday. The idea is to take 1 second of video each day and compile it into a video. I first purchased the app for my iPhone with the idea of capturing video of my kids. I've been doing it and it's great!! When you put all the clips together it tells such a great story.

The app is very easy to use. You can use video saved from your camera roll or you can record video within the app. It is also a cinch to watch, select, and crop your 1-second of footage to use. Finally, you just hit play and the app puts all the 1-second pieces together. Easy-peesy!

A few weeks ago, I started thinking about how I might use the app in school. With a $4.99 price tag, it probably isn't feasible to purchase for students and have them creating their own 1 Second Everyday compilations. However, as a classroom teacher, how amazing would it be if you captured just one second from each day of the school year and at the end of the year you had an 180-second video to show you class or share with parents?

Another idea for this app is using the "My Freestyle" portion of the app that allows you to do little mini-projects using any timeframe you wish. So today, I tried it out! I was in a math class that meets for 88-minutes. I captured 18 little moments from the beginning to the end of class and came away with this product:

Isn't it an interesting way to tell the story of a class period? I'm excited to find some other ways I could use this app with students and teachers. If you have any ideas, please share!


  1. I used this last summer and showed to my students what I did over the summer. I started doing it with the school year but it fell by the wayside.


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