I share this picture, not because it's particularly flattering, but because it shows my real life. My husband snapped the pic of me participating in a Twitter chat while holding my little one. I think most people that love their job struggle to find a work/life balance. That is certainly me. In fact, you could say that I suffer from FOMO, or fear of missing out.

My family laughs at me because if there is ever a gathering and I can't make it (my mom and sister going shopping, for example), I always say "have fun, but not too much without ME!" Although I mean it as a joke, I'm also quite serious. I hate missing out on stuff!

With work, as an educator, and personal life, as a wife/mom, I feel like I am constantly missing out on things. If you are on Twitter and have ever experienced being at home while most of your PLN attends a conference, you know the feeling (my examples: #NCTMannual, #ISTE2016, #TMC16) My FOMO is dialed up even more right now as it is the beginning of the school year and I'm on maternity leave. It is so hard to miss out on the beginning of the school year craziness energy! I love the school supply shopping, setting up classrooms, new ideas, and seeing all my teacher friends with fresh faces and tans at that first institute day.

Let me be clear, I am super grateful to have these two little ones in my life and a chance to spend time with them while on leave. These are precious moments that I only get to experience once. However, I am also grateful that I have a a passion for my profession and life's work. Luckily, because of technology, I can do a little of both right now. As my daughter sits here munching on some Goldfish crackers and enjoying an afternoon movie break (Despicable Me 2, her current fav) and my newborn son catches a catnap, I can click around on Twitter and write this post.

So, I might not be at school on the first day. That will be hard, but I'll be snuggling babies and planning for my return. And, when I am back to work, I'll be missing my kids and wish I could be spending more time with them. FOMO is complicated!


  1. I totally understand your FOMO! It's awesome you're able to balance work and home and model that for so many students while also modeling the love of math. Keep up the awesome work and enjoy the time with your babies!!!

  2. Oh, good now we have an acronym for our frequent family happening. FOMO. Like you, honey (I'm the mom), I struggled with finding the work/family balance. Like you, I was blessed with a career I loved--almost as much as I love being a wife and mom. Maintaining an awareness of the need to try to find a balance is a lifelong companion.

  3. You will be missed, but you also will be envied. Enjoy that time!

  4. FOMO is so complicated, you're so right! Great post! Can't wait to have you back (but I don't want you to miss out on your kiddos) #thestruggleisREAL :P


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