Book: The Best of the Math Teacher Blogs 2015

I just got my copy of the book, The Best of Math Teacher Blogs 2015. The book is a collection of blog posts by teachers involved in the online community, #MTBoS. You can read more about how the book came to be on Tina's blog. One cool thing about this project is being published alongside some teachers that I really admire! Another awesome thing is that proceeds of the sale of the book go to giving scholarships to teachers so that they can attend "Twitter Math Camp." I've never been myself, and if it wasn't for having a newborn this summer, I would have tried to get there this year! The idea of meeting up with some of my Twitter friends and talk math sounds so fun! I do hope a TMC is in my future in the next few years! 

I'm looking forward to reading all the great posts in this fab book. If you want a copy for yourself, click here! If you want a preview of the post of mine that is in the book, check it out here. It really is one of my favorites!

And now, because it's SPRING BREAK, here's a picture of my cute kiddo at the park today. It was a gorgeous day! As much as I love my job and teaching, it sure is nice to be able to spend the day like this:


  1. Congrats on that book, Annie! That's awesome! Can you bring the book on Monday when you visit me? I'd love to see it too!
    Enjoy your spring break with the little cutie!

  2. So proud! You definitely deserve it!


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