Move Your Bus #D100BloggerPD Book Study

((Must wear hat, gloves, and dinosaur shirt while eating a cracker and holding Momma's book! 
Future Runner for sure!))

Welcome to the last post in a series that studied the book, Move Your Bus, by Ron Clark. There have been wonderful posts by other bloggers in my district. Check out this post on Literacy Loving Gals that has links to each one!

By the time you get to my post, you have learned all about the metaphor of a bus that Ron Clark uses to describe an organization. There is the driver, runners, joggers, walkers, and riders. We have learned what might motivate each person on the bus and Clark's philosophy on keeping the bus moving along. If you have a chance to read the book, I do recommend it. I think it has some great insights. It's also a pretty quick read, so it's manageable to read it in a day.

This book study is coming to a close as I am writing about the last two chapters: "29 Enjoy the ride" and "30 Conclusion: Where do we go from here?"

Chapter 29- Enjoy the ride
This chapter encourages teachers to be joyful and laugh. In fact, let the students see you laugh together! Students want to be in a vibrant, fun learning environment. I agree! There is so much about education and schools that is serious. Education is a serious business. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for fun! Be playful and enjoy your co-workers and students.

When I was reading this chapter, I thought about the day that my co-teacher and I held a "red carpet" event in our math classes. Students had finished a project that resulted in an iMovie that we wanted them to share with each other. Instead of just having kids present their projects, we rolled out a red carpet (okay, red paper taped to the floor), let them take selfies, bought popcorn, and dressed up (me with ridiculous fake eyelashes)! It was such a fun day for the kids mostly because they had fun seeing my co-teacher and I let loose a little and be silly.

The last paragraph of this chapter is a great summary:
"Buy why are those moments so essential? It's because laughter boots productivity. It makes a task more manageable. It releases endorphins, forges emotional connections, and can encourage more honest communications. When you staff has fun at work, they work together more collaboratively. Every single day at work becomes a team-building activity."

Chapter 30- Conclusion: Where do we go from here?
Clark brings the book to a close by stating that "Everyone who reads this book will take away something a but different and will find different ways to apply the parable to their own goals." As with any book you read, your own background knowledge and experiences shape what you get out of reading. It really doesn't matter how you identify yourself (runner, jogger, walker, or rider), there are always things you can do to improve. There are better ways to handle situations and make growth in your job as well as your personal life.


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