Excited To *Add* to My Family!

The Forest family is about to get a new mathematician! I'm due with my second kiddo June 6th. Because of the power of science, I also already know that I'm having a boy. Oh boy!

My daughter, Natalie, is 18 months. She loves babies but doesn't really understand what is going on just yet. When she saw the ultrasound pictures she said, "ROAR!" which is what she calls dinosaurs. So, I don't know if she thinks her brother looks like a dinosaur or "Roar" is a name suggestion. Either way, it was pretty cute.

So bear with me as I occasionally blog about my growing family (and stomach). I promise to try to relate it to math, at least a little. :)


  1. Sounds like the little guy already has a nickname. Too cute! Congrats!

    1. Thanks! I'll look to you for advice on adding another kiddo to the mix! :)


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