Sharing a Twitter Feed with Students

I previously blogged about how I created a Google Form with character limits to collect "tweets" from my students. I then read and curate the responses and copy/paste tweets into the actual account, @6Amath.

The next thing I wanted to do, was create a way for my sixth grade students to see what is being tweeted. The age of my students presents a challenge because technically they can't create a Twitter account because they are under the age of 13. To overcome this problem, I started thinking about my own blog and how I have a Twitter feed on the side showing my own tweets. I thought, "what if I create a new blog and embed the Twitter feed for the class Twitter account?!

So, I did just that. I created a blog to share the Twitter feed. Now, I just share this link with my students and they can see (updated in real time) their own tweets and tweets of classmates!

I learned how to add a Twitter feed in Blogger by following this tutorial from "The Learning Coach" blog.


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