Find Your Tribe

What does it mean to find your tribe? To me, it means finding like-minded people to walk along with on a journey. In my work life, I am so happy that I have found people that are passionate educators that care about kids and being the best teacher they can be. By connecting with these people in real life, at school, or online via blogs and Twitter, I feel supported and also motivated to continue working hard.

Being a teacher can be difficult. There is too much to do, too little time, too many mandates, too little support, etc, etc. When I'm feeling overwhelmed by the demands of teaching, I can turn to my tribe for inspiration and support. When I stumped how to reach a kid, teach a lesson, make my class engaging, or how to help a colleague, I turn to my tribe. Reading one of my favorite blogs, connecting on Twitter, or stopping by a trusted teacher's classroom for a quick chat is sometimes all I need to get reenergized in this crazy career.

I've even renamed my blog roll on the side of this page, "My Tribe." This list is not a complete list, but at least a decent effort at including some of the educators that I turn to because they uplift me, motivate me, and make me feel like a part of something bigger than myself and my classroom.

Who's in your tribe?


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