DIY Classroom Decorations: Banners

I went a little crazy with banners and garland in my classroom this year. I think it looks cute and is a cheap way of decorating. I wanted to share some pictures and some tips on how to make them yourself!

First, the banners with words. I wanted banners with my class motto for this year, "Safe, Calm, Productive." It was an important message coming back from maternity leave and trying to convey to my new students what I expected from them. Finally (now in April) we are all on the same page and I really feel like we are living that motto each day. yay! 

If you want to make your own banner with words, here is the blog that I found the free printable letters. A few tips about making the banners with words: I printed the letters on regular white paper and then mounted them on colored card stock. I didn't laminate them because I didn't want them to look shiny or have a glare. Also, remember that when it is upside down, the letters are going to go from right to left as you lay them on a table. Then, cut a piece of yarn that is plenty long with extra on the sides for handing. Run a thin strip of glue (Elmer's white school glue worlds the best) on the back and lay the string in the glue.

For the banners with pi, I just cut out "pi's" in different colors of paper, again no laminating, and did the same process for gluing as with the words. It looks nice if you do a strand with the shapes closer together and then some farther apart. That way you can hang them and get a layered look.


  1. Absolutely adore the pi banner! Totally making this next year!

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment. I just quickly looked at your blog and saw some interactive notebook stuff... definitely coming back to read more and maybe borrow (steal) some ideas! :)


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