Which Drink Mix is the Most Orangey?

We are using a new curriculum this year. By "new," I mean new to us, because Connect Math, specifically CMP3, has been around for a while. I'm super excited to have some resources because last year I was just scrounging around trying to find stuff on my own. The downside is that this curriculum has a lot to it and it takes a while to unpack it... let alone figure out how to teach it.

The unit we are in right now deals with ratios, proportions, and percent. The problem I am introducing today asks students to compare different ratios of orange concentrate to water to determine which mix is the most "orangey."

A friend of mine told me that she decided to make a video so that students could see what "concentrate" is because she was worried they might not understand how that works. I agree so I made a few videos of myself making up the different concoctions. I did Mix A, Mix C, and Mix D (I skipped B because I didn't have enough concentrate!). My daughter makes an appearance in the videos too!

I also made a "challenge problem" where I ask students what would happen if I combined Mix A, C, and D. Here they are, in all their glory.


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