Sunday Letters… written on Monday, again!

Dear Blog,
Sorry I'm behind again!  I love the "Sunday Letters" idea, but I keep participating on Monday instead on Sunday!
Late Blogger

Dear Joe and Steph,
Awesome wedding this weekend!  I was a proud big sister watching my little brother get married!  He chose such a sweet, smart, and beautiful partner for life… welcome to the (crazy) family Stephanie!
Anne (only my brother can get away calling me that!)

Dear Natalie,
You are an awesome traveling baby! So yes, other travelers ignored us during the 4 hour flight, but then showered us with compliments as we got off the plane saying you are such a great baby.  I agree!
Proud Momma

Dear Hubby,
Happy birthday today!  We did a great job traveling this weekend as a little family.  I picked such a great person to be my partner in life.  You are calm when I am stressed.  I am organized when you don't feel like planning.  We make a great team.

Dear ICTM Conference Attendees,
I'm looking forward to learning and networking at the conference on Friday and Saturday.  I'm working on my workshop presentation and hope it is a good one for people that chose to come to mine!  I'm also working on my acceptance "speech" (< 3 minutes) for the award I'm accepting.  It should be a fun time!
See you soon,


  1. Hi Annie, congratulations on your award! You have a lovely family and a beautiful baby :)

    Ventaneando: A Window Into First Grade Bilingüe

  2. Good luck on your speech - I know you'll be great! :-) And glad you did the CA trip so easily with your baby girl - super cute pic of your flower girl!

    1. Thanks, girlie! I love doing the Sunday letters but I keep doing them a day late! Oops! :)


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