Feeling a Little Nervous

So I had one of my typical "back to school" dreams last night… I usually have a few before the start of the school year, but since my maternity leave ends this week I guess it makes sense that I have one now.

The dreams are always variations around trying to control a class of students that are out of control in some way.  I think the thing I'm most nervous about for the start of this school year is that the students have had a quarter already without me.  I'll be the only teacher struggling to learn their names quickly.

I met with my maternity sub last week and I have to say that it seems like she has everything under control and has established some pretty good routines.  That definitely makes things a bit easier for me. It will still be an adjustment for the kids to get used to me… and I'm sure they will miss her.  It will be a transition for us all!


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