Taking Stock- September

I did this type of a post back in June.  I like the format, so I thought I would try it again!

Making: myself do some blogging… it's been a while!  It feels good to be back.
Cooking: I made shepherds pie last night… perfect for the chilly weather we've been having
Drinking: Wine… as usual. :)
Reading: The Husband's Secret is my book club's next book
Wanting: some new fall clothes
Planning: My return to teaching on October 20th
Playing: With my daughter… at 3 months she can grab and bat at toys!

Eating: peanut m&m's!
Wishing: I could both be a stay at home mom and a teacher
Enjoying: a little time to blog this morning while my kiddo snoozes
Waiting: for two family weddings at the beginning of October
Liking: carrying my little one around in this ring sling
Wondering: how teachers with kids balance their work and home lives
Loving: These videos.
Hoping: I stop seeing "teacher-bashing" on social media.

Marveling: at this weather… it's pretty chilly for September!
Needing: a trip to Target
Smelling: Coconut lotion from Trader Joe's
Wearing: this denim shirt from Gap
Following: A Mighty Girl on Facebook
Laughing: at this commercial-- it just cracks me up!

Noticing: more "viral homework assignments" on social media.  boo.
Knowing: I still love teaching
Thinking: about how to make a smooth transition from the maternity sub to me
Pinning: Ideas on how to style a bookcase in my living room
Opening: all my work emails and trying to stay on top of stuff while I'm gone
Feeling: excited that my best friend, Jill, is moving back from Germany at the end of September! yay!


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