SBG: There, there, it'll be okay!

While I'm on maternity leave, I'm still checking in with some of my teacher friends to see how things are going.  Our principal has asked the staff to embark on a Standards Based Grading journey this year.  I've heard that some teachers are having a few struggles making this change and I think that is totally normal, expected, and okay!

It's about progress, not perfection!  I don't have all the answers about SBG either!  I tried it last year, and I liked how it made me think about what I'm teaching and I liked how my students responded.  I hope to help other teachers by letting them know what I tried, what worked, and what didn't, but I am still on the journey too! (You can check out some of my other posts about SBG here.)

I encourage my peers to continue on this journey.  Standards Based Grading helps students and helps us too.  It forces us to really define what it is we want our students to be learning.  It sets learning targets and makes it clear to our students what those are.  It also allows our grading to more closely (it's never perfect) match student's level of understanding.


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