Professional Goals

In my school district, once you receive 3 "excellent" ratings on your evaluations, you can move from having classroom observations to doing goals every other year.  I've had the privilege of doing this type of work for the past couple of years.  This year, it is time for me to come up with two professional goals.

One goal revolves around SBG… continuing my work and helping others do it too.

My second goal has to do with being more involved in expanding my professional development reach and getting involved more in professional organizations.  I reached out to Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics and offered to help with putting content on their Facebook page which I noticed hadn't had a post in a while.  Well, they took me up on my offer, so I'm now an editor on their page.  I'm excited for the chance to share some content that I think is relevant to the ICTM crowd!  Only, it's not really a crowd yet with only about 60 "likes."  

So… head over the the ICTM Facebook page and "like" it!!


  1. Thanks for getting the ICTM Facebook page going! I just informed the ICTM Board about the page and encouraged them to invite others to the page. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Adam! Thanks, finding content to post has been fun! Looking forward to meeting you in person at the ICTM conference!


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