Monday, September 15, 2014

Giving Feedback Using Rubrics

Giving students (and parents) feedback is important.  One way we do this is by giving grades.  But by just giving general grades such as "85%" or "B" it is difficult for students and parents to understand how a student can improve.

Using rubrics is the best way I have found to give more specific feedback.  By identifying what it means to show understanding, I can then evaluate a students performance based on that criteria.  

Here is the general rubric that I use for each learning target in a unit:

I break each unit into 10-12 learning targets and assess the student using the rubric above.  You might notice that I don't go below 5.  My reasoning is that a 5/10 is a solid "F" and communicates the message of "minimal understanding" just fine.  I never give zeros anymore, they just are necessary. 

I also use rubrics for projects and other assignments.  For example, I have my students blog a few times a week.  Here is my rubric I use for blogging:

Finally, I'll share a rubric that I used with a digital project:


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