Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2πr Increasing and End-of-the-Year Activity

Here I am at 35 weeks!  Thanks for following along with me on this journey!  It's bittersweet to be coming to the end of the school year with my 8th graders.  They have been along for this pregnancy journey too and when I look back on being pregnant I know I will remember these students for being a part of it.

This group of kids were a good group and it's always a little sad to say good-bye and watch them graduate… but on the other hand, it is exciting to be at the end of another school year and feel like they have really learned so much and are ready to move on to high school.

Since my first year of teaching, I have realized the importance of having a few little projects or activities in my back pocket for the end of the school year.  With weird schedules, disruptions, end-of-the-year procedures, and lack of student motivation, it is important to have some interesting things to do with the students that keeps them busy and engaged!

One of my favorites is creating kaleidocycles.  Ten years ago, I discovered the template for these creations on the internet but no instructions.  Things have come a long way because now you can even find instructions on youtube!  This website has a nice little video that shows what it looks like when you turn them.  

Here is the template that you can print and use.  I recommend copying on card stock.  Other tips are to make sure if you are using marker to let the coloring dry before you start gluing, use white glue (instead of glue stick), and wait until completely dry to start trying to turn it.  I tell the kids to wait at least an hour.  As you can imagine, some students are more precise than others in doing a project like this.  The neater and more precise the creases/folds are, the better it will turn out.  Plan on this taking at least one class period, maybe two.


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