Friday, May 9, 2014

2πr Increasing and Awesome Kids

Whoa… large circumference!

Week 34

It's a little less fun getting dressed in the mornings for school.  Finding tops that fit is getting to be a challenge.  I'm still dealing with my swollen feet so that is why you are seeing these coral flats a lot-- there are 1 of the 3 pairs of shoes that fit.

Being an 8th grade teacher this years brings a lot of end-of-year events that I have to attend in the evenings that makes for long days.  The other night I attended an event called Best of Berwyn where students in the community are recognized for achievement and service.  It is such a great event and I was so proud that 3 of the top 20 are kids I teach.  At the event, they announced the winners and 2 of my students were in the top 3 and 1 was the overall winner! 
Best of Berwyn: Top 3
(my students are the two on the right)

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