Monday, March 10, 2014

2πr Increasing

Here is last week's bump pic for 25 weeks!

In other life news… the hubby and I moved from our 1-bedroom condo in the city to a house in the suburbs.  After 12 years of city living, it is going to take a little while to adjust to the new pace of life.  For one thing, it is so much quieter in the suburbs!  On the bright side, parking at Target is way easier as I discovered on my first Target run this weekend. :)


  1. Sometimes I drive to the suburbs to go to a target with more space for that reason alone! It will take some time, but I'm sure you'll adjust :-) And I love the bump pics - and how creatively you name them each week! :-)

    1. Thanks Michelle! And thanks for following my blog… I've been following your blog too. Education blogs that I like best are the ones that have great teaching ideas and also a little peek into the life of the teacher. :)