Winter Weather- "Real World" Negative Numbers

With subzero temperatures here in Chicago, it's an understatement to say that it is cold outside.  In fact, most of my students walk to school and I'm worried about walking in this weather next week when we are back from break!  While some of my student's family might struggle financially to provide a winter coat for their kiddos, I have other students that just prefer to wear a hoddie instead of a coat-- they are in middle school after all, and looking cool trumps warmth.

From a pure math perspective, these temps do provide a nice "real world" situation where negative numbers are actually used.  I'm thinking a warm-up (bell ringer)... maybe comparing the high temperatures from Saturday to Monday?

Here are some other pics of the weather that I took last night from our high rise condo building.

Snow, snow, snow

Snow stopped, beautiful sunset (still COLD!)


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