Funny Things Kids Say...

It's my first day back at school today!

We reviewed expectations and made "Math New Year's Resolutions."

Overall, the lesson went great.  I even had time to introduce dilations.  yay!

But what sticks out in my mind when I reflect on the day is the funny things kids say.  Maybe it was the 2+ weeks away from quirky middle schoolers, but they were cracking me up!  Here are two examples:

Kid- Wow, this [pregnancy] is going by fast!
Me- I'm glad this has been so easy for you. ;)
(it's afternoon homeroom and they should be working on homework)
Me- work!
Kid- Twerk?
Me- No, work! (suppressing a smile)


  1. It would have made their year if you started twerking. But for the love of your job, I'm glad you didn't. You would think students outgrow their funny comments. Nope. I teach high schoolers and they say the funniest thing accidentally all of the time. I feel like I laugh all of the time.

    1. I love those moments of laughter... it really brings a sense of community to the classroom!


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