Irrational Numbers: A Piece of Pi

When I teach irrational numbers, of course I have to include pi! (by the way, I have memorized 30 digits and also have pi earrings)

One way for students to grasp the idea of non-repeating, never ending numbers is to actually look at a "piece" of pi.  This activity that I developed allows each student to get their own 100 digits of pi.

They color their piece and then I tape them all together for a visual representation-- we all look at it and are amazed that all of our work is only a small piece of the actual number (*mind blown*).

There are enough "pieces" for 102 students (the most I had one year when I did this activity).  Enjoy!


  1. Giving you a shout-out! I used this activity in my class and it was a hit! I made it a bit smaller, but kudos.


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