A Visit to the State Capitol

An annual tradition in my district is taking the 8th grade students to Springfield, IL (the state capitol).  This is my first year teaching exclusively 8th grade, so I got to go along.  We had to be at school at 5:30AM and got back to school at 9:00PM!  Those kiddos had an endless supply of candy to eat and energy to burn!  It was a long day, but fun.  We even got a tour of the state treasure's vault.

The kids seemed to really like the trip-- although they said their favorite parts were the 3 hour bus ride and dinner at The Golden Corral.  I guess if I was 13, those might be my favorites too. :)

When we were in the capitol building I took a picture of the inside of the dome.  I'm wondering if I can revisit this picture during a math lesson.  We have a unit coming up about transformations (rotations, reflections, translations).  I wonder if it could fit in somehow.  Suggestions?


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